We save the lives of babies and young children suffering from diarrheal disease.


Doctors Outreach Clinics (DOCS) is a San Francisco Bay based 501(c) 3 not-for-profit with the goal of saving the lives of babies and young children in natural disasters, refugee situations, and conflict zones.

One of the leading causes of death to babies and young children in these situations is dehydration due to infectious diarrhea. Given the open sewage, poor personal hygiene and dirty food and water common in these situations, babies and children easily contract bacteria that leads to diarrhea. Giving them clean water isn't enough--their systems need medical grade levels of electrolytes to recover. 

DOCS promotes both standard low-osmolarity oral rehydration solutions (ORS) as well as a  third-generation, good-tasting, ORS to babies and young children suffering from diarrheal disease. DOCS also teaches mothers and grandmothers how to mix their own oral rehydration solution so that they can provide treatment in their homes to their families on an on-going basis.

Since 2004, DOCS has self-funded humanitarian aid missions to Haiti, Nepal, Pakistan, and the Philippines during natural disasters. The organization is now looking to grow its efforts and its scope, both increasing the number of medical missions it makes per year, and setting up world-wide education programs to empower mothers in successfully treating their children's diarrheal disease. While diarrhea is unpleasant in wealthy countries, in poor countries, and especially during crisis situations, it can be deadly. Diarrheal disease now takes the lives of more babies and young children than malaria, AIDS, and measles combined, it can be stopped.

We are reaching out to raise awareness in the community about diarrheal disease, and our efforts. DOCS is going on a humanitarian aid mission to save the lives of babies and young children harmed and displaced by the recent earthquake in Ecuador in April, and in June is traveling to save the lives of refugee babies and young children in Greece.

You can help us save the lives of babies and young children by helping fund our missions and community education projects!



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