A $100 donation is enough to treat and save 10 babies.  Thank you!

Diarrheal disease is the second leading cause of death among babies and young children worldwide.

It claims the lives of more babies and young children than malaria, AIDS, and measles combined.

We need to ensure that no child dies of something as treatable as diarrhea.

A proven, low-cost medical technology can save all of these children. It’s called Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT), the application of Oral Rehydration Salts/Solutions (ORS). This simple solution, mixed in clean water, provides the hydration necessary to help a baby or young child recover from diarrheal disease. Clean water isn’t enough as it does not have the electrolytes required to revive a sick child.

Your support helps Doctors Outreach Clinics provide Oral Rehydration Therapy to babies and young children in natural disasters, refugee situations, and political turmoil where death due to diarrhea is especially high due to lack of sanitation.

Doctors Outreach Clinics additionally provides education to everyone in these situations so that they can make the mixture at home and administer it to children without need for a skilled labor. ORS empowers everybody...especially women.

Doctors Outreach Clinics is a 501(c)(3) corporation.

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